Ondřej Kašpar – Diploma thesis summary

The development of microparticles for stabilization and target delivery of allicin

Garlic, known under botanical name Allium sativum, is widely distributed plant,
with descent in Middle Asia, with pleasant effects on human organism. Garlic cell contains
free dispersed substance alliin in cytosol, which is without any antibacterial or other effect,
and enzyme alliinase, physically separated in cell vacuoles. During mechanical of
damaging of cell consistence, rapid enzymatic reaction is occurring. Product of enzymatic
reaction is simple, sulfur containing, molecule allicin. Allicin is volatile, reactive
compound with antibacterial potential, but with short half-life of decay. In this work I try
to detect, determine a stabilize allicin in garlic extract with suitable bio-compatible
polymer at different temperatures. These solutions was freeze-dried a cryogenic milled. On
culture of E. coli was antibacterial potential of prepared samples tested.