Viola Tokárová

Assistant Professor
work phone: +420220443 ext:048
VŠCHT Praha – building B room B307, T04


  • 2010 – 2014
    Ph.D. at ICT Prague; Chemical and Process Engineering
  • 2008 – 2010
    MSc. at ICT Prague; Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering and Process Simulations

International Experience

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, McGill University, Bioengineering Department, under supervision of prof. D. Nicolau (2/2015-3/2017)
  • two weeks stay at Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA in co-operation with Dr. R. Ramachandran (project AMVIS 2012-2015)
  • several stays at Graz University of Technology, Austria in co-operation with prof. G. Gübitz (project AKTION 2011-2012)

Research Interests

  • microfluidics
  • biosimulations and biocomputations
  • inorganic nanoparticles
  • surface modification
  • thermo-responsive polymer microparticles
  • adhesion studies of polymer microparticles
  • antigen-antibody interaction
  • specific adhesion of nano- and mickroparticles to biological substrates


  • GAČR 2017-2019 – Synthesis of biomimetic nanoparticulate materials using a microfluidic platform and investigation of their interaction with cells
  • AKTION 2011-2012 – Development of chitosan based biomedical polymers with antibacterial properties


Selected Oral and Poster Presentations

  • V. Tokárová, O. Kašpar, H. Lin, F.V. Delft, D.V. Nicolau; Solving geometrical problems with bacteria; E-MRS 2016; Lille, 2.-6.5.2016
  • V. Tokárová, A. Pittermannová, V. Král, F. Štěpánek; Particle targeting using antigen-antibody interaction for pharmaceutical application; AIChE 2013; San Francisco, USA, 3.-8.11.2013
  • V. Tokárová, A. Pittermannová, V. Král, P. Řezáčová, F. Štěpánek; Feasibility and constraints of particle targeting using antigen-antibody interaction; EMRS 2013; Strasbourg, France, 27.-31.5.2013
  • V. Tokárová, O. Kašpar, F. Štěpánek; Investigation of structure and antibacterial properties of composite chitosan microcarriers; SSCHE 2012 (39th International Conference of Slovak Society of Chemical Engineering); Tatranské Matliare, SR, 21.-25.5.2012
  • V. Tokárová, F. Štěpánek; Investigation of specific particle adhesion towards model and biological substrates; AIChE 2012, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; 28.10.-2.11.2012
  • V. Tokárová, M. Ullrich, P. Haufová, A. Pittermannová, F. Štěpánek; Characterization of adhesion between chemical robots and biological substrates; XX International Conference on Bioencapsulation; Orilia, Ontario, Canada, 21.-24.9.2012
  • V. Tokárová, O. Kašpar, I. Brzoňová, G. S. Nyanhongo, G. Guebitz, F. Štěpánek; Synthesis and characterization of composite silver/chitosan/holins-endolysins particles; ICPE 2011 (5th International Congress on Pharmaceutical Engineering); TU Graz; 29.-30.9.2011
  • V. Tokárová, F. Štěpánek; Synthesis and characterization of PNIPAM/SiO2/Fe3O4 microparticles for controlled delivery; UK Colloids 2011, London – Canary Wharf, 4.-6.7.2011
  • V. Tokárová, J. Čejková, F. Štěpánek; Thermoresponsive PNIPAM/Fe3O4 polymer microcapsules, ECIS 2010, Prague, 5.-10.9.2010
  • V. Tokárová, F. Štěpánek, „Killer-bots“: synthesis and characterization of composite Ag-Fe3O4 nanoparticles, ICFPM-2010 (7th International Conference on Fine Particle Magnetism), Uppsala, Sweden, 21.-24.6.2010
  • V. Tokárová, F. Štěpánek; Antibacterial Ag and composite Ag-Fe3O4 nanoparticles, AIChE 2010, Salt Lake City, UT, USA, 7.-12.11.2010