Ondřej Kašpar

Ph.D. student
work phone: 420220443 ext:048
VŠCHT Praha – building B room B307

Work Experience

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International Experience

Rutgers University – New Jersey

Research Interests

  1. Spray drying
  2. Encapsulation
  3. Granulation



  • Tokárová V., Kašpar O., Knejzlík Z., Ulbrich P., Štěpánek F., “Development of spray-dried chitosan microcarriers for nanoparticle delivery”, Powder Technol. 235, 797-805 (2013)
  • Kašpar O., Jakubec M., Štěpánek F., “Characterization of spray dried chitosan-TPP microparticles formed by two- and three-fluid nozzles”, Powder Technol., accepted (2012)

Selected Oral and Poster Presentations

  • Kašpar O., Štěpánek F., Encapsulation of laccase in chitosan micro-carriers by two-fluid an three-fluid nozzle, 2012 AIChE Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, 28.10-2.11.2012
  • Kašpar O., Tokárová V., Štěpánek F., Encapsulation of laccase in chitosan carriers by spray drying technique, XX Internation Conference on Bioencapsulation, Orillia, Ontario, Canada, 9.21-24.2012
  • Kašpar O., Štěpánek F., Encapsulation of active substances in biodegradable polymers by spray drying, 5th International Congress on Pharmaceutical Engineering (ICPE), Graz-Rakousko, 29.-30.9.2011
  • Kašpar O., Štěpánek F.: Effect of polymeric additives and encapsulation on the antibacterial activity of garlic, 2010 AIChE Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT, USA, 7.-12.11.2010
  • Kašpar O., Tokárová V., Štěpánek F., Assessement of the activity of natural and nanoparticle-based antimicrobial agents, ECIS 2010, Prague, 5.-10.9.2010