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Student Scientific Competition 2015

WP_20151120_14_33_06_RawGreat success of our undergraduate students in SVK Student Scientific Competition again! 6 places in this years’ chemical engineering experimental section go to members of the Chobotix group: Peter Ševčenko, Juraj Petrík and Matěj Novák bring home bronze from their respective sections, Martin Kalný takes silver and Denisa Lizoňová and Viktorie Čermochová have won her section. Excellent job, everyone!

Rector’s Award for František

The rector of the Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, professor Karel Melzoch, awarded the 2013 Rector’s Award to František Štěpánek for outstanding achievements in national and European projects in the field of chemistry and for the public promotion of science. Congratulations, Ferry!ferry cena rektora ferry cena rektora 2

SVK student competition

A total of nine students from our group participated in the Chemical Engineering sections of today’s Student Science Competition. Congratulations to everyone for their contributions, and especially to Viktorie, Viktor, Damian, Matěj and Marek for their medal places.


NEURON Award for František

František Štěpánek has been awarded the 2013 Neuron Grant in the field of medicine. Congratulations, Ferry!

The annual Neuron awards were established by Nadační fond Neuron (earlier Nadační fond Karla Janečka) in 2010. The aim of this endowment fund is to support research in the fields of mathematics, economics, physics and medicine. The funds targets young scientists working in the Czech Republic and successful Czech scientists who decide to return from abroad. Grants are awarded on the basis of the scientific quality of the project and the scientist’s ability to support his or her expertise through publications in internationally respected journals.

The specific project awarded to our group aims to use chemical robots for the targeted delivery of antibiotics with a short half-life (one example being a compound called allicin, derived from common garlic) in order to avoid conditions that lead to the development of antibiotic resistance.

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Neuron Awards 2013

Chobotix meeting

The “Chobotix 2013″ one-day meeting took place today, with several oral presentations (see program here).