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Langmuir paper on chemotactic droplets

In collaboration with Martin Hanczyc from the University of Southern Denmark, Chobotix group members Jitka Čejková and Matěj Novák have published a paper on the chemotactic movement of droplets in the prestigious journal Langmuir. Their fascinating research was also featured on the website and in the Czech daily Lidove Noviny, among many other media.

Čejková J., Novák M., Štěpánek F., Hanczyc M., “Dynamics of chemotactic droplets in salt concentration gradients”, Langmuir 30, 11937–11944 (2014)

Poster Awards for Anna and David


Congratulations to Anna Pittermannová for winning the best poster award at the Bioencapsulation 2014 conference in Bratislava, Slovakia, for her work on microfluidic production of alginate microparticles, and to David Smčka for winning the best poster award at the Particulate Processes in the Pharmaceutical Industry conference in Potsdam, Germany, for his work on granulation process scale-up. Well done, you two!
Anna_Bioencapsulation David_ECI

Chobotix members at autumn conferences

Our group members are attending quite a few conferences in Europe and The United States this autumn. Here’s the list of all of them including the names of all contributions. We will gladly answer any of your questions during the presentations if you happen to be there.

ECIS 2014 – 7.-12.9., Limassol, Cyprus

the 28th Conference of the European Colloid and Interface Society

  • Jitka Čejková – Mimicking of Cell Chemotaxis by Oil Droplets
  • Matěj Novák – Chemotactic Movement of Oil Droplets in Salt Gradients
  • Marek Šoltys – Composite Lipid/Fe3O4/SiO2 Mesoparticles for Controlled Release of Active Substances
  • Martin Ullrich – Control of Release and Enzymatic Reaction Progress Inside Magnetic Liposome Microgels

Skin Forum 14th Annual Meeting – 4.-5.9., Prague, Czech republic

  • Lucie Vidlářová – Lipid-based Nanoparticles for Delivery of Lipophilic Actives for Dermal Application

Particulate Processes in the Pharmaceutical Industry IV – 14.-18.9., Potsdam, Germany

  • František ŠtěpánekKeynote lecture – Remote control of in-situ drug production and release using chemical robots
  • David Smrčka – Scale-up of pharmaceutical granulation with respect to structure-dissolution

ISIC19 – 16.-19.9. – Toulouse, France

  • Jan Holaň – Design and Control of Co-crystallization Processes with Regard to Particle Size Distribution

Bioencapsulation 2014 – 17.19.9., Bratislava, Slovakia

– XXII International Conference on Bioencapsulation, 21st Bratislava International Conference on Macromolecules

  • Jitka Čejková – Mimicking of spore behaviour by encapsulation of cells into gel microparticles
  • Martin Jakubec – Spray Drying Particles Preparation for In Situ Production of Unstable Substances
  • Anna Pittermannová – Synthesis of alginate microparticles using microfluidics device

CESPT 2014 – 18.-20.9., Porotorž, Slovenia

– 10th Central European Symposium on Pharmaceutical Technology

  • Kateřina Punčochová – Investigation of Dissolution Mechanisms by Imaging Methods – LECTURE

Preclinical Imaging Users’ Meeting 2014, 14.-15.10., Ettlingen, Germany

  • Michaela Gajdošová
  • Nina Sarvašová

AAPS 2014 – 2.-6.11., San Diego, USA

– Annual Meeting and Exposition

  • Martin Jakubec – Spray Drying Particles Preparation for In Situ Production of Unstable Substances
  • Kateřina Punčochová – Investigation of Dissolution Mechanisms by Imaging Methods
  • Lucie Vidlářová – Lipid Nanoparticles for Topical Delivery of Lipophilic Actives

2014 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit – 30.11-5.12., Boston, USA

  • Michaela Gajdošová – The Use of MRI as a Characterization Technique for Polymer Swelling Quantification
  • Anna Pittermannová – Comparison of Microfluidics Strategies in the Preparation of the Alginate Microparticles
  • Nina Sarvašová – The Use of MRI Technology for Studying the Adhesion of Microparticles

Jakub, Petra and Jan are BSc

Many congratulations to Jakub Dvořák, Petra Janská and Jan Sopoušek who successfully defended their bachelor theses and passed their state examinations. Enjoy your new bachelor titles, keep up the good work and lots of luck in the next years.